Countdown To The Best Weekend Of The Year

JULY 18 – 21 2024


Our exciting weekend is packed with car events, starting with a rally from Denver to a mountain destination. Our event brings together like minded, car enthusiasts for an organized weekend of events in the mountains.  The camaraderie, relationships, and memories built are driven by the passion that is not only cars, but also by the gorgeous mountains of Colorado.

We are bringing back this fun filled car enthusiast weekend to re-engage our loyal Automobili relationships as well as establish new ones. And besides – who doesn’t love to be a part of a road rally packed with amazing cars driving through our colorful mountains!

We have every angle covered for you and your guest(s) in July and cannot wait to share this memorable weekend with you.

2024 Agenda

Wednesday, July 17th

  • Pre-Rally meet Up
  • Check into rally early
  • Sticker your cars
  • Turn in check-in forms
  • Meet and reconnect with participants

Thursday, July 18th

  • Final check in, breakfast and rally launch
  • Rally to Snowmass with coordinated stops
  • Lunch
  • Arrival at destination
  • Welcome / Kickoff party

Friday, July 19th

  • Depart on scenic route to Telluride
  • Lunch
  • Destination cocktail party

Saturday, July 20th

  • Afternoon gathering
  • Awards ceremony

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Automobili Rally 2024

We will be departing on a Thursday Morning again this year.  We will be making our way towards Snowmass, where we will be spending our first evening.

After we enjoy an evening in Snowmass, we will depart to Telluride for a second year!. Instead of our traditional early morning departure, we are changing things up a bit and having brunch in Snowmass before heading to Telluride. 

After arriving in Telluride, we enjoy our evening cocktail plans.

We will host our first ever Saturday afternoon party before enjoying the evening with our annual “Awards” presentation and rally finally.

Sunday will be a day to explore and do as you wish or head down the hill bright and early o perhaps stop back in Snowmass for a Sunday evening of relaxation with like minded car friends. 

We look forward to seeing everyone! If you have any questions, think we missed something, please e-mail us at [email protected] 

Our goal is to have every angle covered for you and your guest(s) in July. So, you can show up, have fun, enjoy some roads you probably haven’t driven, see old friends, meet new ones, support the CSP Family Foundation, enjoy life, and create memories to look back on. We cannot wait to share this experience with you.