• The Best Weekend of The Year

    August 11-14 2022


Our exciting weekend is packed with car events, starting with a rally from Denver to a mountain destination. Our event brings together like minded, car enthusiasts for an organized weekend of events in the mountains.  The camaraderie, relationships, and memories built are driven by the passion that is not only cars, but also by the gorgeous mountains of Colorado.

We are bringing back this fun filled car enthusiast weekend to re-engage our loyal Automobili relationships as well as establish new ones. And besides – who doesn’t love to be a part of a road rally packed with amazing cars driving through our colorful mountains!

We have every angle covered for you and your guest(s) in August and cannot wait to share this memorable weekend with you.

2021 Recap

2020 Recap

2019 Recap

2022 Agenda

Wednesday, August 10th

  • Pre-Rally meet Up
  • Check into rally early
  • Sticker your cars
  • Turn in check-in forms
  • Meet and reconnect with participants

Thursday, August 11th

  • Final check in, breakfast and rally launch
  • Rally to Crested Butte with coordinated stops
  • Lunch
  • Arrival at destination
  • Welcome / Kickoff party

Friday, August 12th

  • Drivers meeting, breakfast and launch
  • Depart on scenic route to Snowmass
  • Lunch
  • Cocktail party

Saturday, August 13th

  • Cars and Coffee
  • Awards ceremony

AR 2022

We will be departing on a Thursday Morning again this year. Why? You ask… With the continued popularity of all things Colorado there are just too many other people heading for the hills on Friday. As much as we all love playing in traffic, this move is to reduce the likelihood of encountering a high number of others enjoying the fine mountain roads we will be traveling.     

We will be making our way towards Crested Butte, where we will be spending our first evening.

After we enjoy an evening in the Butte, we will depart for a place we know well Snowmass Village. Now here is where things get interesting.

After arriving in Snowmass, we will check out the Viceroy Hotel before our evening cocktail plans.

Saturday will be a Cars and Coffee.  We will then start the evening off with the “Awards” presentation before hitting the town.

Sunday will be a day to explore and do as you wish or head down the hill bright and early to avoid those other motorists we hopefully dodged on Thursday AM ? 

We look forward to seeing everyone! If you have any questions, think we missed something, please e-mail us at info@automobilirally.com 

Our goal is to have every angle covered for you and your guest(s) in August. So, you can show up, have fun, enjoy some roads you probably haven’t driven, see old friends, meet new ones, support the CSP Family Foundation, enjoy life, and create memories to look back on. We cannot wait to share this experience with you. 



How We Plan a Successful Rally Around COVID-19

We are sensitive to and aware of the impacts brought on by the current pandemic and will be following current local and federal guidelines leading up to and during our 2022 event. With the help of all participants and the vigilance of all the Automobili Team, both the 2020 and 2021 Rallys were safe, all staff and participants remained healthy during and 2 weeks after the events.  We do understand that things can change quickly and know that if the event is cancelled and / or you are not able to attend due to a positive test, any tickets purchased will receive a full credit. Know that we have your back.